Smash Hit! Did I really do this?

Painting is my jam and one of my favorite pastimes. You could refinish a piece like this too with a can of chalky style paint, a paintbrush, and rub on transfers. Your friends would be amazed at your creativity and you would blush with pride listening to their comments. Read how I pulled off this amazing look. I am happy to share it with you.

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Welcome to MerakiMotif. My name is Laura, AKA: Art Jack. Read more about that by clicking on “About Me.” I’m a fifty-something living in rual Wyoming. My husband and I have been blissfully married for decades and we have two, spoiled rotten fur babies. One is a Jumbo Yorkshire Terrier and the other a timid, white and fluffy Bichon.

I started my website to document my creative outlet and express my love for all things art. I’m excited to share with you my handmade creations and serve as your source for fun inspiration.

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