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Art engages children and motivates learning. Literary skills are boosted and life-long readers are born. MerakiMotif inspires parents with tools encouraging their children to become thriving readers with literature based tutoring sessions, painting, online resources, and dedication.

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What is MerakiMotif?

“Meraki what?” Yes, this is the comment I receive when I am asked, “What is the name of your business?”

Meraki is a modern Greek word used to describe something with soul, creativity, or love. Thus, my tagline is Soul Inspiration and Creation.

When I think of Meraki and what it means to my business I like what I imagine. I put all of myself into what I am making or doing and as a direct result I leave a piece of myself behind in the work whatever it may be.

So, when I anticipate I am going to be asked what my business name means during first introductions I say, “My name is Laura, owner of MerakiMotif in Wyoming. I teach others how to make old items into new ones with chalky style paint and how to turn natural fibers into beautiful handmade clothing. I teach and share the love of reading with children as well. Often you will find me supporting non profit animal groups and cancer related organizations. Soul inspiration and creation is my game and the Meraki I leave behind in my work is fabulous.”

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Smiling Gnome

Smiling Gnome

Look for something positive every day even if you have to look a little harder. It is out there waiting to be found and waiting to bring a smile to our faces. Stop. Look around. What do you see?  GNOMES EVERYWHERE Today I saw a gnome before 6am. Then, I saw...

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I read these statistics this week about struggling readers and reading growth. Here are a few highlights from We Are Teachers. ✓ Proficient third-grade readers are nearly five times more likely to graduate high school than their peers with below-basic-reading skills....

Women of the Sea-Mermaids

Women of the Sea-Mermaids

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Modern Shabby Chic

Modern Shabby Chic

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