My love of art started with a simple, round paintbrush and a storybook in my childhood. Color made me happy. To see color, you have to have light. When light shines on an object some colors bounce off while others are absorbed. Reading a story is a process involving focus and decoding symbols for meaning. The sky is illuminated in a bright and brilliant radiance of words when Art and Reading bump into each other. How lucky I was once to stand under that collision of words and color falling down around me one moment in time years ago. I understood the meaning.  An “Art Jack” was born.

Art [n]: 1. The quality of production, expression, what is beautiful, appealing, of more than ordinary significance. 2. Creative power

Jack-Of-All-Trades [n]: 1. A person who is adept at many different kinds of work

Art Jack [n] 1. Expressing creative power in many forms: ex: paint, fiber arts, illustration, digital or multi-media, literacy,  etc…, 2. Happy, kind, knowledgeable, 3. One who not only creates, but shares and teaches, 4: Full of life: bouncy, somewhat absorbed

I  call myself an Art Jack. I believe art smiles to someone as a thoughtful gift from the creator to the receiver. Whether a catchy digital design, a hand painted canvas, mixed media, fiber art, a favorite refurbished piece of furniture, or a teaching class— art equals fun in my book. 

What is MerakiMotif? It is a modern Greek word used to describe something crafted with creativity and love. When I “Meraki” I leave a piece of myself behind in my work whether it be teaching or designing. MerakiMotif is my soul inspiration. I invite you to peek into my shop and gallery.  Download a digital design. Read a blog entry. Follow me on social media. I look forward to meeting you.


 Art Jack and Teacher Librarian