You have seen me use it , or heard me talk about it, and now you want it. Well friends, the wait is over.  I’ve had questions about where I get my paint, stencils, books, and all around tools of the trade.  I decided to put them all in one place for you. These are my favorite things!  

Junk Monkey Paint

Grab a brush and go bananas! I use Junk Monkey Paint to turn all that ‘brownie-frownie” furniture in colorful pieces

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Chalk Couture

DESIGN*LOVE*REPEAT  You have seen me in Facebook lives use Chalk Couture. I appreciate the ease of use and detailed designs

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Big Life Journal

Big Life Journal develops strong Social and Emotional Learning and growth mindset skills through inspiring stories, colorful illustrations, and engaging guided activities. I use this with children when I tutor, and they love the journal.

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My Heat Gun

It is more expensive falling in the mid range for price, yet I have not had a problem yet.

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My Chip Brushes

These are the best when wanting that distressed look

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My ‘No Handle’ Paintbrush

When my wrists are sore from my RA I use this brush.

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Mod Podge

I use a lot (and . mean a lot) of this sealer for all types of painting and crafts so I buy the large container.

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