First Snow

After the first snow fall of the season, being the first to design footprint tracks and snow angels makes me happy. Although, yesterday my tracks were made from the tires of my white Toyota cruising down the interstate leaving a trail of black asphalt behind. How could this be? Twenty-four hours earlier I was aimlessly walking through a small town, Nebraska park among swirling autumn leaves drifting to the ground. I did not need a jacket. I carried a bottle of water in my hand. I had slipped the black sunglasses resting on top of my head over my eyes. The last thought running through my care free thoughts were, “Did I remember to put my winter gear pack in the rig? Maybe I should check the Weather Channel App?” Seriously, I was content wandering Chadron, Nebraska with my husband. Perfect. If I had known that my perfect, autumn day was meant to be only one autumn day we would have left home a day earlier.

Today, the next day, sitting in front of the glass doors to our deck, I sway back and forth in my Grandma Mary’s rocker. It is the one I remember thinking was beautiful in the furniture store. My parent’s bought it for her fiftieth wedding anniversary. Snow has been falling down in big snowflakes leaving a blanket of white. I’m waiting and praying silently for it to stay fluffy, white, and light weight. I should be refurbishing a bubblegum pink cabinet, yet I rock and wait quietly like the storm. My weather app alert declares the winter storm warning to be ending. Within an hour I’ll be making first tracks in the snow and snow angels on my outside deck. I’ll be happy like yesterday, but a tad bit more cold.

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