Literacy Tutoring

After 20 years of observing readers in my education career about how struggling to read affects all areas of student learning I decided to pursue and further my education as a Reading Specialist and earn a Master’s of Science in Reading and Facilitating. My desire is to help struggling readers of all ages to become life-long readers using the Arts as a means to create motivation and build self-esteem. I love to read and have a deep connection to children’s literature as a K-12 school librarian for over 27 years. I support the development of a child’s reading, writing (surprise bonus), learning, and share the tools needed to learn, dream, imagine, and inspire. 

 Why hire a Reading Tutor?

Working one on one with a tutor is an extremely effective and beneficial way to help your child make strong academic progress. It is a significant investment of time, money, and helping your child see you as a role model helping them succeed. Consider a tutor for these observations you make:

  1. Specific concerns about your child’s ability made by yourself or a classroom teacher regarding extra practice and instruction that can be supported by reading
  2. Your child asks for extra help with reading, or is asking you often what words mean
  3. Your child is above reading level and needs additional enrichment to continue developing skills and abilities
  4. Your child lacks confidence in his or her reading ability, or often states, “I hate to read.”
  5. Your child needs additional help in preparing for standardized testing

 What to look for when hiring a Reading Tutor

  1. Someone who is trained in instructional strategies for teaching reading including visual, auditory, and hands-on methods.
  2. Someone who has experience working with children and experience teaching the specific skill needed to support developing readers. Certified teachers and librarians should be at the top of your list.
  3. Someone who is able to form good relationships, or already knows your child
  4. Someone who is able to provide the kind of parent-tutor relationship you are looking for: How will your tutor communicate with you? Will the tutor give you verbal or written reports of progress? Can you play an integral part of tutoring? A good tutor will require you to help at home through the tutoring process.
  5. Someone who can support continual tutoring sessions to ensure regular instruction and practice in reading


Children should see the point of reading and come to know that it can be an intrinsically pleasurable and an engaging activity-not just a school exercise where the point lies only in getting every word right.

Stephanie Harvey

Author, Henrietta Dombey & Margaret Moustafa from Striving to Thriving

What to Expect from MerakiMotif’s Literacy Tutoring Program:

  • MerakiMotif will meet with parents/guardians to develop an Art Based Literacy Tutoring Program, or a Basic Reading Tutor Literacy Program, before the initial first tutoring session with your child. A contract of service will also be supplied to be signed by MerakiMotif and parent/guardian.
  • MerakiMotif will provide website, online support for parents and an online scheduling platform to schedule sessions at your convenience. Online payment is accepted through PayPal and Square for your convenience.
  • Detailed lesson plans and/or written observations of tutoring sessions will be sent home with your child or emailed directly to you.
  • A certified teacher and school librarian dedicated to the success of your child with years of experience working with children of all ages preschool through seniors in reading, as well as a solid foundation of children’s literature.
  • A tutor with self-contained classroom experience in the area of science, social studies, math, and art
  • Incorporated into tutoring sessions will be mini lessons to support Growth Mindset (ability to develop to create a love of learning and a resilience for accomplishment) and Grit (ability to work hard, endure struggle, redefine failure as a means learn something new, and to try again to determine long-term success and accomplishment) encouraging struggling readers to become thriving readers building self-esteem and confidence.
  • An expectation and commitment from parents/guardians to work at home weekly throughout the tutoring sessions with their child.
  • Above all else, MerakiMotif’s goal is to inspire children to become life-long readers through the Arts while empowering parents to do the same at home. We want both parent and child to feel our services are known, liked, and trusted. 

Read with Art

1 hour 15 minute session

Simply put, the arts offer a doorway into the world of a book or text. Research has shown that links between literacy and arts for children who can’t see text visually in their mind, and have difficulty feeling text in an emotional way will bridge that gap by combining reading and art together increasing fluency and comprehension. Besides this positive relationship, the two combined together develop fine motor coordination, provides self-regulation, and boosts self-esteem creating bonds through fun. Schedule the Reading and Art Literacy Session today for a well-rounded tutoring experience for your child which includes focusing on Growth Mindset and Grit along with the skills necessary to become life-long readers through art projects related to reading material.


  • $50 for 60-75 minutes
  • Includes basic art project supplies
  • $24.95 hardback/14.95 paperback One time fee for Growth Mindset book titles: Big Life Journal

Read to Succeed

45 minute tutoring session

The ability to read well develops important language skills, is necessary with today’s technology, and opens up the world to different cultures, societies and history. Reading enhances social skills. Most important, reading is fun. Regardless of a child’s interests reading can be a great past time. Read to succeed is the budget friendly tutoring session aimed to help review, read, and build self-esteem to become a thriving reader from a struggling one. Schedule this session for your child today being confident your child will be receiving all the necessary skills included in the Reading and Art Literacy program without incorporating art in to the sequence of lesson plan design.


  • $25 for 30-45 minute session
  • Includes reading supplies.
  • $24.95 hardback/14.95 paperback One time fee for Growth Mindset book titles: Big Life Journal

Have you heard of a growth mindset?

There’s so much hype about it lately, because it really works. Research shows kids who adopt a growth mindset see transformational changes in how they approach their abilities and what they can achieve. When they say “I can’t do something” or “I am not good at reading” – these are all signs of a FIXED mindset. A GROWTH mindset is the opposite. With a growth mindset, kids learn that they can always improve with effort and hard work. They learn they can grow their brain when they learn new things. It’s all about growing!

There’s a journal for kids called Big Life Journal which teaches a growth mindset. It’s a guided journal and super fun (with illustrations, stories, quotes).