Women of the Sea-Mermaids

 Women of the Sea-Mermaids: What is your spin on their existence?

What is your spin on mermaids? Most of our planet Earth is covered in water in many shades of green, blue, silver, and muddy brown. It is a little wonder that for centuries the oceans and seas were believed to hide mysterious creatures including mermaids. Could mermaids actually be real? Historical eyewitnesses have claimed to see mermaids including Christopher Columbu Mermaid Signs off the shores of Haiti during the 1400’s. He said she was ugly. Mermaid sightings even document back to the Roman Emperor Augustus in (63 BC). With historical documentation about the validity of mermaids existing could these mystical beauties be real?  Are you a doubter? Ask yourself one question. With 95% of the oceans having never been explored could mermaids be swimming in the dark seas? A doubter or not, here are 12 amazing facts about mermaids found on the Visually Website.

  1. The earliest mermaid legends come from Syria
  2. Sea Cows (Manatees) were often mistaken for mermaids
  3. The four powers of a mermaid are: immortality, seeing the future, telepathy and hypnosis.
  4. There are four types of mermaids: Traditional, Irish Shedding, Shape Shifters and Merfolk.
  5. The gem Aquamarine is made from mermaid tears
  6. The word mermaid means “Woman of the Sea.”
  7. Mermaids are featured in over 16 movies.
  8. Mermen came first.
  9. A mermaid’s kiss will give you gills.
  10. Mermaid’s can’t sing well at all.
  11. The most expensive mermaid tail cost over $10 grand.
  12. The color of a mermaid’s tail depicts her mood. It is her personality.

As a kid I was fascinated with mermaids. I thought they were beautiful. I thought they were smart. I wished I could swim like a mermaid. During a class I took in high school titled American Heritage our honors class read The Odyssey written by Homer. Sirens, mythical creatures, lurked on an island Odysseus sailed by. My teen brain  spent hours with my nose among the book’s pages believing they were mermaids.. Sirens were believed to combine women and birds in various ways. In early Greek art, Sirens were represented as birds with large women’s heads, bird feathers and scaly feet.  Birds were chosen because of their beautiful voices. Later Sirens were sometimes depicted as beautiful women, whose bodies, not only their voices, are seductive .Sirens lured sailors to their death with their beautiful voices and music by crashing  boats on the jagged rocks of their island. Take note, Sirens are not mermaids. I was a happy camper when I figured out this fact. Here I am decades later still amazed by mermaids. What captured my attention as a young child was the idea they were strong in the sense of knowing they could do or be anything they wanted to be. Hey, the Little Mermaid from Disney boosted many young girl’s self-esteem to go after what they wanted. Today I think the concept of going after dreams nonstop is important. Don’t let challenges become bigger than dreams.

Over the weekend I bought a mermaid stencil. It called to me from the shelf of many stencils. I created a vertical sign from an old cupboard door with paint from Junk Monkey Paint Company in the colors of Teal River, Sunshine Yellow, and Mermaid Tail. A paintbrush dip of Black Velvet finished off the design. I stopped and thought for a few hours what quote I wanted to put at the top of the sign. It had to be beautiful of course. It has to be strong. It had to have personality. I felt the saying I chose had to speak truth to the young girl who would become the future owner of my sign. I pulled out a book of transfers from Chalk Couture and flipped the pages. Perfect. I knew the quote instantly to use: “She believed she could and she did.”  Believing we have the ability to do what sits in our heart and soul is beautiful, strong, and defines personality inside and outside of the body. I will never doubt it and quite possibly that makes me a mermaid.

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She Believed She Could So She Did Mermaids Sign

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