Modern Shabby Chic

Every woman needs more than one pair of shoes. Right? I think every woman needs more than one table in her life as well. I am not talking a vanity table or a night stand table. I am speaking about a gigantic table with three or more leaves that will seat 16 people. A table that speaks cheerful thoughts, encourages engaging conversations, and feels restful like a lazy, clear brook winding through a meadow of open wildflowers under a magnificent, bluebird sky. Can you imagine? Here, take a sneak peak.

Say, “Hello, Beautiful.” What once was a water stained, cherrywood table with scuffs and scratches from many years of family use since the 1950’s emerges a piece to be used for decades more in my family. I remember large family gatherings around this table in my grandmother’s home. I remember pulling sheets and blankets over the table making my own secret fort with nursery rhyme books, barbie dolls and crayons. Many black eyes and bruises appeared on my face and knees from running around the table in circles only to crash to the floor and into the wooden chairs which have long ago met their fate. Even though the original chairs have been replaced, the memories of playing card games, board games, and watching my grandmother manage her books *financial books* for the church makes me smile. Spend a moment with me as I show and tell you how I refinished my memories to create new ones.

One major obstacle to overcome was my mindset not to paint a family heirloom, yet the heirloom was going to the landfill and I barely rescued it in the nick of time. It has set in my basement unused for a few years taking up space. The water damage to the top and damage to the legs convinced me how ugly a beautiful memory had become so why not refinish it? Made sense to me. With a few strokes of the sander over the top and a good elbow grease cleaning I was ready to tackle the job. I decided on chalky style paint and chip brushes for the task at hand.

The next step was to start painting with a chip brush found at any ‘do it yourself’ store and a pint of chalky style paint in Antique Lace and Stormy Forest from Junk Monkey Paint Company. The top ended with two coats of the Antique Lace color and the streamlined legs became a gorgeous, streamlined color of trees and timber among a spring shower in the blue-grey color of Stormy Forest. Mmmm-an eye pleaser for sure.



The final steps were to adhere a Chalk Couture Stencil on the top with chalk paste and then seal with a Polycrylic Sealer. I sealed with three layers just to be safe. It was overkill, but I have a beautiful shine to the top. You can do this, too. Seriously. What you will need is one table, a chip brush, a pint of paint in the colors you want, paper plates to put under the table legs when painting to protect the floor and for easy use, then some time to loose yourself in an afternoon of creativity. It took me a day for each coat to paint and dry. One question remains though: Do you want new shoes, or a new table? You know my choice.

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