Smash Hit! Did I really do this?

Painting is my jam and one of my favorite pastimes. You could refinish a piece like this too with a can of chalky style paint, a paintbrush, and rub on transfers. Your friends would be amazed at your creativity and you would blush with pride listening to their comments. Read how I pulled off this amazing look. I am happy to share it with you.

Smiling Gnome

Look for something positive every day even if you have to look a little harder. It is out there waiting to be found and waiting to bring a smile to our faces. Stop. Look around. What do you see? 

Women of the Sea-Mermaids

What is your spin on mermaids? Do they exist in the many shades of green, blue, silver, and muddy brown waters of our world? Shhh….you might hear them sing.

Modern Shabby Chic

Every woman needs more than one table, too. Yes! She needs a table for gatherings, one for crafting, an extra to catch all the clutter, and another just because.