You have heard all the hype. Now is your chance to try out Chalky Style Paint and see what it is all about.

My goal is to have you walk in the door excited and out the door feeling comfortable tackling any project you choose for yourself on your own.

Allowing you time to explore and create with a variety of Chalky Style Paint colors, brands, and finishes you will be working on wooden molding or block samples. Plan on two hours of creative time. Skills you will learn in my beginning Chalk Talk 101 Class include:


  • Cleaning and sealing wood surfaces if needed
  • Choosing painting tools at the best price
  • How to apply a one color modern style finish
  • How to apply two colors for a distressed style finish
  • How to apply one color to create a rustic style finish
  • How to apply one color to create a primitive style finish
  • How to apply wax or glaze for a finished look
  • How to buff for shine, or distress for a matte finish
  • Understanding the difference between stencils and transfers


Look, Learn, & Play

After enjoying Chalk Talk 101, unlock your creativity enjoying Chalk Talk 102. Chalky Style Paint is taking the world by storm in a good way.  Home décor has taken on a new look and now is the time to amaze your family and friends with this hands-on adventure in paint.

Meet new friends while continuing your journey discovering advanced techniques with Chalky Style Paint. Home décor styles are depicting the Chalky Style Paint look in magazines and showroom floors. Skills you will learn while creating a sign for your home or as a gift include:

Painting in a technique from Chalk Talk 101

  • How to paint the Ombre effect
  • How to make the crackle effect
  • Creating your own colored wax
  • Learn how to read the color wheel and choose colors that go well together
  • Applying decoupage with designer napkins, wrapping paper, music score sheets, or book pages

Milk Paint: Refunk Your Junk

~This ain’t no oil paint~

An ideal choice for a non-toxic paint with a broad color selection is milk paint. It has an added bonus for being environmentally friendly as well.

First, grab a cup of coffee, tea, or choice of drink and head on over to the Refunk Your Junk Paint Class. Tag along with a friend and each bring a small, wooden furniture item from home, a yard sale, flea mark, thrift shop, or even off the curb. We are ‘Junkers’ and proud to carry that title. Think along the size of a coffee table, night stand, corner shelf, or even a chair.  Then, settle in to learning the Milk Paint secret. Brush it on and wait for the surprises that follow. If you like the old, worn out shabby look of furniture that shows decades of love and use this is the class for you. Expect the unexpected. Milk Paint has a mind of its own. Finally, marvel over the masterpiece you have created and enjoy.

Price of class varies depending on the paints purchased. We can estimate a price together before committing to a class. Remember to bring a friend and split the cost using the same color paint. All other supplies are provided.


The Chalk Transfer is a reusable adhesive silkscreen that can be used on chalkboards, windows, mirrors, tile, whiteboards, appliances, painted furniture and so much more.Call up your friends and get ready to have some fun when you host a workshop with Chalk Couture! It doesn’t matter if you are crafty or not, our products are designed for people of any crafting ability. Let us bring out your creative side with our wide array of Chalkboards, Chalk Transfers and Chalkology Paste or Chalkology Ink.. Create your own masterpiece and change up your home decor with Chalk Couture!

Whether you want to learn more about how Chalk Couture works, or you want to have a party with the gang, I am here to accommodate you.

Everything you and your friends will need to complete a finished work of art using Chalk Paste or Chalk Ink.

BIRTHDAY PARTY (kids or adults)
Have a theme? We’ll most-likely have a design to match! Enjoy a morning or afternoon of crafting with your favorite people on your most special day. The product used will be Chalk Paste only.

Grab the girls for a night of food, fun and chalk paste or ink paste

Holiday Fun

Design a Valentine for a loved one, a spooky and cute Halloween sign, a Thanksgiving serving platter or themed apron, and even a darling Christmas decoration. The possibilities endless and choices amazing. Switch it up making a holiday apron to keep those holiday outfits clean with Chalk Ink.

Baby Shower

Instead of games, take the time to make a quick gift for baby using Chalk Couture Ink.

Contact MerakiMotif to schedule a time and I’ll sit down with you to plan and decide on a price cost per guest that will not break the bank. It is all about fun, socializing, and learning something new.